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The quality of our relationships strongly influences the quality of our lives. Good communication is the essence of every type of relationship we might wish to have. For many, there is a strong correlation between relationship communication issues and anxiety / depressive states. Often resolving communication issues significantly helps with overall mental health. Whilst a good relationship is dependent on many interacting factors such as commitment, emotional connection, valuing our partner and chemistry it is communication skills that enable a couple to successfully resolve issues. Good communication within relationships ‘doesn’t just happen’, invariably communication skills need to be learnt. The statement ‘if I have to work at it, then it can’t be the right relationship” is a myth. Thankfully there are communication skills programs that:

• Increase awareness of self, partner, and the relationship.

• Develop more effective skills in talking and listening together.

• Expand options for enriching the relationship.

• Assist in the understanding and appreciation of differences. At Eltham Counselling a program encompassing talking and listening skills together with understanding and appreciating personality types that are brought into the relationship. This program provides skills that strengthen the closeness of our relationships. Detailed Course Outline Goals & Benefits

• More effective ways of talking and listening.

• Better understanding of self and partner.

• Faster, more satisfactory resolutions of conflict.

• More enjoyment of one another.

• Reduced misunderstandings, tension, and hostility.

• Deeper sharing of experiences.

• More mutually pleasing decisions.

• Higher self and partner esteem. •

Understanding and appreciating difference. “A loving heart is the truest wisdom”. Charles Dickens ELTHAM COUNSELLING SERVICE 9431 3933

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