• Develop effective skills in talking and listening together.

  • Expand communication options

  • Increase awareness of self, partner, and the relationshipUnderstand and appreciate differences.

  • Understand and appreciate each other's personality differences.

By undertaking the powerful ‘Talking and Listening Together’ program plus other communication tools, you will discover communication skills which will strengthen the closeness of your relationships.

Through the use of personality profiling you will also gain insight into each other’s personality preferences and gifts that are bought into the relationship. Understanding and appreciating the different gifts in yourself and others can lead to enhanced communication.

Course Goals

  • To improve day to day interactions.

  • To learn how to resolve conflicts more effectively.

  • To help partners understand and respect each other’s perspectives.

  • To enrich your relationships with your partner and others.

  • Program is available over 4 sessions at $130 per session.

  • Extensive notes are supplied

Register at reception or phone Eltham Counselling Service on: (03) 9431 3933


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