Expressing vs Communicating Feelings

Communicating your feelings or emotions is not the same as expressing or experiencing them.

Expressing an emotional feeling actually strengthens it.

  • express love and you strengthen it

  • express a negative emotion and you also strengthen it.

Expressing or experiencing an emotion is not the same as releasing it.

  • feeling the pain of a damaged finger is not curing it - why should it be different for an emotional feeling.

Feelings are energy based.

Pure feelings: Not filtered through the personal belief system eg. tired, alert, happy.

Emotions: Feelings filtered through belief system eg. because you believe you should not be rejected, you become unhappy. Example of emotions; fear, anxiety, anger, sadness and loneliness.

Communicating about emotional energy enables them to be processed rather than pushed down to ‘fester’ or strengthening them by expressing them.

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