Learning About Your Personality Gifts

One of the many rewarding things about our profession is to watch people find out more about themselves and in that process grow to appreciate the gifts of their personality. A fun way to understand your personality is through using a questionnaire called the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, commonly referred to as the MBTI. The MBTI is a tool for helping people learn about themselves and is designed to identify a person’s strengths and unique gifts.

The MBTI is a personality inventory based on the theories of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. The indicator is non-judgmental and allows people to gain an understanding of their personality preferences, particularly with respect to energy source, information gathering, decision making, and general approach to the world

The MBTI may be applied in a wide variety of settings such as, individual counselling, couples work, career counselling and within organisations for team building and recruitment.

In brief, the MBTI describes 16 personality type preferences. Understanding which one is yours can help you to celebrate your gifts. At the same time, understanding the different gifts in others can lead to better communication and appreciation of others.

Enjoy the experience of discovering your personality strengths and perhaps those of your family members. If you are interested, just contact Chris on either 0412269 995 or 9431 3933.

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